If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing people who don’t love you.

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That look ur mom gives u when u embarrass her in public but she can’t kill u yet


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send hELP

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they’re gonna feel pretty stupid

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Characters with the most kills at the end of season 4.

Runners up are The Governor, Hershel, Merle, T-Dog and Bob.

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Will this about cover it? This should cover it just fine, Lottie!

I just love Lottie’s adorable little jump here!!!

I love how Tiana was never too proud to accept help from friends, and the movie didn’t show this as making her any less hard working or devoted. I think that’s an important lesson.

Similarly, Lottie was always giving and loving, even though she was by all counts supposedly a spoiled brat. This is truly one of my favorite Disney friendships.


Jensen & little Dean